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Sr. Products Packing
 1  Protein powder with Vitamins in 5 Flavors 200gm
 2 Glucose Powder plain & in 6 different flavors 100gm / 200gm
 3 Glucose Powder with Vitamin C and Zinc 100gm / 200gm
 4 Calcium and Minerals chewable Tablets. Blister/ jar pack
 5 Multi Vitamin and Minerals Capsule. Blister/ jar pack
 6 Evening Primrose Oil 1000 Gm. And Vitamin E 200 IU Soft Gel Capsule. Blister/ jar pack
 7 Instant Drink flavoured 200gm/ 500gm
 8 Instant Energy Drink 105gm
 9 Sucralose Tablets & Powder. 100s
 10 Cod liver Oil 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg soft get caps 30s pack
 11 Omega 3 Fish oil EPA/DHA 18:12 Jar Pack
 12 Vitamin E 400mg Soft gel Caps Blister/Jar Pack
 13 Multivitamin + Minerals Soft Gel Caps Blister/Jar Pack
 14 Silimarine 140mg Soft Gel Caps Blister Pack
 15 Vitamin A 50,000IU soft Gel Caps Blister Pack